Common Mistakes Clients Make The First Time They Hire an Escort.

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An experienced escort can spot a newby miles away, maybe something to do with the type of questions they ask, or the choice of words they use to book an appointment, truth be told, most end up being blocked or ghosted without ever knowing why.Every single person that text us is carefully screened before an appointment is set. His words, his grammar, his questions, everything is being judged even his profile picture, or lack thereof. Meiling who has been escorting for a little over two years, and owns her own escort agency in Managua, says she blocks anyone with a profile picture showing a child, or a religious or political figure.

FYI: Send us a SMS message and we will probably never read it.  We only answer messages sent through WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Email.

Starting a conversation with “Darling”, “Sweety”, “Honey”, “How are you?”, “Price?” will probably get you ghosted before you are able to type a second message.  From our own experience, we can tell you off-hand, that no one who had ever used the word “sex” to book an escort had actually booked one, ever. So, booking an escort is not as easy as it seems, some clients tend to think that the only requirement is money, and they could not be more mistaken.

These tips are not only for clients looking to book an escort through our website, but for anyone in Managua in search of good company. So, let’s get to it:

Let’s say you saw a post on a classified website, the model looks amazing, her pictures are fantastic, so you text her right away, she replies instantly, she offers more than you anticipated, and for the sake of this example, everything is under $40 USD/1hr.  You think to yourself, “It’s too good to be true, but hey, it’s Nicaragua, everything is cheaper here”. Wrong.

Same things that were logical in your country continue to be logical here, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not real.  If someone is selling you the latest iPhone in the market for $40 USD you might wonder why is this person selling it so cheap. Do not just look at the pictures before contacting the model, analize them.  Ask yourself: Is the model showing her face? Nicaraguans for the most part, frowned upon the escorting industry, and most escorts safeguard their privacy with their lives.  It is inconceivable that any of them would post their face on a classified website.  Are these pictures real?  Do a reverse search image on Google.  Lots of scammers use stolen images downloaded off the internet.

In conclusion, always exercise common sense when hiring an escort. There are a lot of beautiful Nicaraguan ladies out there for you to find, they post their services in classified websites and are always eager to please and make some extra money on the side, we respect the work they do and we understand how difficult it is to work in this industry.  But there are also a lot of scammers and fake posts. There is nothing worse than feeling robbed by a bad service.

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