Before You Book Online

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Unless you are really serious about setting up a date don’t bother sending a form online.  It will be ignored unless you provide all the information we need.

With that being said,  let us break down what you need before setting up a date online. Let’s starts with the basics. Your name and phone number. If your number is from a country other than Nicaragua make sure to put down your country code.

Where, when, at what time, and for how long?.

In the body of the form you need to give us the information we need.  Our golden rule when you book online is that you need to be specific about the following:

Where you would like to meet?
This one is easy, it needs to be either a hotel, motel, Airbnb or home address (existing clients only).  If you are staying at a hotel, we need the name and room number.  If you would like to meet your date in the lobby of the hotel you need to specify it.

What time? And for how long?
You need to provide an specific time.

How do we confirm your booking? You have several options, the most popular is via text message either WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal.  In some rare cases, we might be able to confirm through email, but you must be an existing client for us to do that.

Please note: without your information your booking will be ignored.

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